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    April 19, 2013
    5:30 - 6:00am PDT  

area of the boston bombing.
everyone was fixated by those images and may have felt that if the images are being released, that the suspects may not have wanted to remain in your city, that they would have actually left. >> there is speculation on the news, and of course it is speculation, that they may have wanted to be caught a cousin of what over the past 12 hours. they shot -- to be caught because of what has happened over the past 12 hours. they carjacked someone and told them they were the bombers. it certainly seems like they either have a death wish or they wanted some kind of notoriety, or they wanted to be caught. because otherwise they have behaved quite stupidly. you would think they would have left town before the photos were released. >> just briefly before we leave you, we are talking to an international audience here. give us an idea of what the area of boston, watertown is like.
tell us about your neighborhood. >> it is a very residential area, a very quiet area. --traditionally hasn't the it traditionally has a big immigration population. i am armenian and there are a lot of armenians in the area. it has been a little bit of a working-class town that has now become a little more gentrified. but it is very residential. there is a little bit of commercial shopping and restaurants, that kind of thing. i has four square miles, and am not actually sure how the population is, but it is a small town. >> we really appreciate you joining us on the phone, to give us a sense of what it is like to be in the area, in effect of locked down, trapped in your houses. we appreciate that. thank you for the moment. if you are just joining us right
now, it is around about 7:10 in the morning in boston. welcome to our continuing coverage of the hunt for the boston marathon bombing suspects. it is about time we brought you up-to-date with exactly what we know so far. in monday's boston marathon bombing is dead. another is on the run. gunfight took place between the police and the suspect. one suspect was killed, the other fled. they both threw explosives at police. the suspect is armed and dangerous. has beenrea around locked down. businesses have been told not to open, schools are closed.
one of the suspects in the bombing is dead after the shootout with police, and a massive manhunt is continuing for the other suspect. large areas of the city of boston are in lockdown. a huge police operation. a police officer was shot dead at a nearby university campus. dominic cain reports on how the events unfolded in that area of watertown. [gunfire] >> gunbattle overnight in watertown, massachusetts. police had been alerted to reports of an earlier shooting and carjacking. when they arrived on scene, they were fired on. officers say they think they found the gunman who carried out the boston bombing. >> we believe these are the same individuals as possible for the bombing on monday of the boston marathon. we believe they are the risk -- they are responsible for the death of an mit police officer. this is a serious situation we
are dealing with. >> people described seeing and hearing the suspects throwing explosives at police and opening fire. >> you heard a loud boom and then a rapid succession of pop, pop, pop. it's out of like automatic weapons. then i heard a second explosion, and there was the smell of something burning in the air. >> one man who lives close to the incident got a clear view of the suspects. >> they also had what looked to be like a pressure cooker bomb, and i had about as clear a line of view of that from about 30 to 40 feet away. >> the standoff began when the suspect in the white hat robbed a convenience store near the mit campus. when a police officer investigated that, he was shot dead. theywo suspects used car had hijacked to get away. they were pursued by police,
which led led to an exchange of gunfire. with sunrise, the intensity of the police operation has become clear. .he entire area is in lockdown scores of armed officers are being deployed, all looking for the second of the boston marathon suspects. police say he is very dangerous, and they have asked the public 's help in tracking him down. dominic cain, al jazeera. the latest news that we are kath, is that it is believed that the two suspects, one of them is dead, one on the run, are believed to be brothers from chechnya. there has been a lot of speculation, a lot of names being bandied around by american media, but we are happy to say that there is a belief that these two suspects are the brothers from chechnya. , that seems to be coming
from a number of sources in the u.s. media and the associated press. "the boston globe" as well saying the suspects are runners from chechnya, and that the one who is still on the run, the one with the white cap, identified by the fbi as suspect number two, is 19 --year-old -- is 19- --r-old those car tsarnaev dzohkar tsarnaev. i am sure i got that wrong, but that is who they think it is. it is true, and we will wait for official confirmation from those investigators in the hunt at the moment, that takes the whole thing into a very interesting twist. as we watched this happen since monday and watch the speculation, the rumors and the whodunits talk about whether it
was foreign, domestic, whether they had links to al qaeda or it was a terrorist attack, all the questions that come in the wake of something like this, i can probably confidently say that that is one that is not in the top five guesses, brothers from chechnya. if they take suspect number two into custody, they will be asking him for reasons, motives, have they been in the united states, reports now saying they were in the united states for one to two years. they may have come here specifically to carry out these attacks. that is the kind of questions they will want to ask, and the investigation will go off in that direction if and when suspect two is taken into custody, hopefully alive so we can get some real answers behind his motive. , suspectem is dead number one with the black hat in the photos.
, the 19-er brother year-old, still on the run and dangerous. for those joining us now on al jazeera, it is about 7:15 in the morning in boston. all these developments took place overnight in the past six or seven hours. this one suspect still on the run, presumably believed to be in the watertown area, which is in effective lockdown. people have been asked to stay indoors, and cars are not allowed on the streets. these people are basically trapped in their homes, knowing there is a man out there who police have described as a terrorist. kath, can you still hear me? no, it looks like we may have lost the line. >> i am here. >> i was saying that the people
in watertown are trapped in their homes, and there is a man out there who police have described as a terrorist. what a situation for thousands of people. >> at his right, and it has to be unnerving for all those people out there knowing that over the last few hours overnight, to think that this man, suspect number two, a 19- year-old, could well be in their neighborhood. when you hear the seriousness, the gravity of the officials who are talking about the safety measures that they want the public to take, it is quite something to wake up to and to realize you are right in the middle of an ongoing investigation into a terrorist attack. there are thousands of people who will stay indoors today, is likely glued to their televisions, their radios, the internet, following every twist and turn of every development
in watertown and the cities around it as well. thousands of people are being told to stay indoors. police were going door to door and telling everyone to stay inside, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting with police there in which the first suspect was also killed. this is have now been told to stay closed. public transport will be completely shut down. immediatelys all suspended about three or four hours ago. so really, that area of massachusetts is now going nowhere, very much in a shutdown situation so that police can move around freely without worrying about the public getting in the way of any kind of altercation or any kind of engagement with suspects. and also to try to keep everyone indoors for their own safety and to try to give them the the ability to go from billy -- from building to building to try
to find where suspect number two is. but it is a bit of a job, but it -- not what you would expect to see with your morning coffee. everyone has been following the case so closely. they want to see progress in the case, to see these people responsible for the bombings taken into custody and brought to justice. staying home for a few hours would be a small price to pay if it means the people who carry this out are brought into custody by officials, and it looks to be going that way. >> absolutely. cast turner is keeping us apprised of the situation. it is probably a good time to take a look back at the developments, the extraordinary developments in boston over the past five days. on monday, three people were killed and more than 170 injured at the boston marathon when two bombs exploded. later the fbi revealed details that a pressure cooker filled with ball bearings and nails had s.en used to make the bomb
on wednesday, investigators identified the image of one potential suspect taken on a security camera from across the street from the explosion. it was on thursday, late thursday boston time, that police released video and still pictures of two men they suspected were linked to the marathon bombings. the weeklong event has led to what is now happening both at mit and of course in that area of watertown, which is currently in effective lockdown. people not allowed on their homes, no traffic allowed out on the street. the transit system is shut down. , that israel medical center in boston gave an update. , even what happened over at mit and seeing the police cars -- >> given what happened over at mit and seeing the police cars rushed past my house and hearing the sirens, i knew or felt strongly that this was related
to the events from earlier this week as well as from what happened at mit earlier in the evening. because of that, i felt as though something large enough was going on in the community that it warranted calling the emergency department and coming in. , you sort of set aside when you come to work and do the job. withis was a trauma multiple injuries, we believe several blasts, gunshot wounds. now how many guns -- >> how many gunshot wounds? >> i don't know. probably a blast injury as well. it was multiple wounds. >> we still do have 12 victims from the initial event hospitalized here at the hospital. one of them is still in serious condition in the icu.
we initially received 24 patients from the original event on monday. the vast majority of those patients have been discharged. >> let's take you now to washington, dc, with our correspondent kimberly howell, who has been monitoring from there. about an hour ago you were saying that you felt that the fbi and law enforcement officers knew far more about the suspect van they were letting on. that appears to be the case. in the last few minutes we have decided to reveal what ap has been saying, that the two suspects are brothers from chechnya. >> in deed, brothers from chechnya. we believe their approximate ages, in their early 20's. possibly one of them, possibly suspect number two, who now has been named dzohkar tsarnaev, if i am pronouncing it correctly, may even have a massachusetts driver's license. one ofnow that he was
the persons in the vehicle, that carjacking that took place where there was the shootout with police, or suspect number one, who has not been named and who is now deceased, and suspect number two remains at large as a result of that shootout. police have been for many hours looking for the second suspect. it is not clear, though -- his brother, we now know, sustained very serious injuries, especially to the torso, possibly from a massive explosion of the device being detonated. we don't know if the second suspect sustained injuries in any way. what i can tell you here in washington is that president obama is being briefed on all of these developments. this is something when you
alluded to -- and we discussed about an hour ago -- that there really was a lot of information that was known that was not being revealed. it appears now that some of that information is surfacing through media channels and being widely reported in the united states. it generally is coming from very reliable sources. most of the reporters here covered beach where they are drawing on regular sources, and most of it is -- have covered beats where they are drawing on regular sources, and most of it is wrecked. but what remains unclear, and this is why it is so critical that the second suspect is found, you see police officers going door-to-door to door in a very residential area. they need to understand the motives and they need to understand why these individuals on a who may be of --chnya in origin, who were were in the united states. it leads one to believe that they did have some form of
documentation from the u.s. government that would allow one to be able to get a drivers license. but this is something that is all being pursued by the federal law enforcement, the fbi heading up this investigation. that is why president obama continues to be briefed. this is a response and a story that has been fast unfolding for days now, but it is also a story that is very personal for president obama, very personal for the residents of boston. 24 hours ago that president obama was speaking at that interface church service in boston. he said, "we have momentarily been knocked off our feet, but we will pick ourselves up. thatwas a heinous act, they picked the wrong city to do it." those are the words of president obama, who himself was
a student in boston at one time and who holds the city dear to his heart. he is watching this unfolding, but like most americans, he is directing his response in many capacities and has made a promise to the american people that the full weight of justice will be brought down on the individuals responsible for this. we have had this focus for many hours on these two suspects, but again, it is key that the second individual is found so that there can be some clear answers as to whether they are working in a group or alone. what the motives are, all of these are big questions that remain unanswered, felicity. >> kimberly howell, from washington, d.c. thanks so much. yount to explain to exactly where the events unfolded in boston because it can be quite finish using -- it can be quite confusing.
the suspect went off in the city's back bay area. inice descended on a vehicle the watertown area. earlier, a police officer had been shot dead there at the massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge. kurt shorts, the under secretary for homeland security and emergency management, gave an outline to the measures being taken in the watertown area. >> to the residents of watertown, newton, waltham, belmont, cambridge, and the allston brighton neighborhoods of boston, we are asking you to stay home, stay indoors. we are asking businesses not to open. we are asking people not to congregate outside. we are asking people not to go to mass transit. and we are hopeful that as the
day proceeds that we can provide further guidance and will be able to open portions of the system and be able to ease these rest